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Writing about myself and about the Netherlands

A start with Dutch – homework – 3


Well, I was very busy yesterday, so I completely forgot to post something.
Today I’m going to share some words about school.

homework = huiswerk
school = school
dutch = nederlands
german = duits
french = frans
math = wiskunde
biology = biologie
kantine = kantine
chair = stoel
table = tafel
teacher = leraar
student = student
pupil = leerling

The school system is different here than in the US.
When we are done with primary school, we go to different high schools.
We make a test at the end of primary school what gives an indication about which type school would suit us.
Of course will the teachers and parents decide what kind of school will suit the best, the test isn’t decisive.
We have like ‘school levels’ .  If children can learn very good (are theoretical) they go to a high school level. It sounds bad, but it’s like the higher the school level, the more theoretically the learning is.
After high school there are also levels in further education.

I have to do homework, boring homework.


A start with Dutch – New Year! – 2

Hi everybody, it’s 2013!
In the Netherlands we celebrate New Year with fireworks. We can do this ourselves. :)
We eat oliebollen ( and appelflappen and there are a lot of parties to go to.

Fireworks is vuurwerk. The uu is like this:
Happy newyear is gelukkig nieuwjaar.
Party is feestje.
Music is muziek.

I recommend it to just type it into google translate and let the voice pronounce it.
It isn’t my longest post, I know.
I had a great night, but I have to do some homework.
And I’m very good in postponing.


A start with Dutch – greetings – 1

I’m going to learn you some first things of the Dutch language.
Because I’m not sure what I am going to do with the part of pronuncation, it will be only writing in the beginning.
Of course you can write it in google translate and let it pronounce it, but that’s a little bit robot-like ;)

What I like to learn at first is how to say ‘hello‘.
In Dutch it’s simply: ‘hallo‘. The ‘a’ sound is like the ‘a’ in the Britisch-English: ‘bath‘. The ‘o’ is like the ‘o’ in ‘overly‘.
It’s very similar to the German greeting and the English greeting, because those languages are related.
When you are younger and the person you are greeting is also young or/and you know them, you can say: ‘hoi‘.
It is the same ‘h’ as in English and the ‘oi’ is like the ‘oy’ in the English ‘boy‘.

Of course there are a lot more greetings, but these are the simple greetings that are common used.
For today I wanted to leave it by this.
I hope you understand it and if you have a good idea or something you want to learn, just let me know.


Christmas dinner (and some Dutch words about dining)

This day I had my second christmas dinner I can think of in my life.
And I can say: it is a good thing :)

Saturday I had my first christmas dinner (kerstdiner = kerstdienee when pronounced).
All of us brought some food  and some drinks too (not alcohol, just soda etc).

I have really no idea what I’m trying to say with this.
I have to admit I was totally forgotten that it was Thursday and I needed to write a post.
I’m just totally into the christmas dinner thing, because it was sooo good!

Some other words that are important for dining:

fork = vork
knife = mes
spoon = lepel
plate = bord
meat = vlees
vegetable = groente
potatoes = aardappel

Real Dutch food for dining is a meal from a piece of meat, some vegetables and mostly boiled potatoes.
I don’t like it very much, it’s a kind of boring to me.
But maybe foreigners love it :)
Another time I will tell about some very nice Dutch dishes.


Christmas (and some Dutch words)

This is a part of our Christmas tree and our couch, just random information.

It is Christmas today!
In the Netherlands we have a first christmas day (eerste kerstdag) and a second christmas day (tweede kerstdag).
Today it is eerste kerstdag.

I don’t live in the very urban area of the Netherlands.
So not many people celebrate christmas with gifts here, because we already did that with Sinterklaas (see post).
But in more urban areas it is more common to celebrate christmas with presents too.

I live in the bible belt.
This is how the part of the Netherlands is called where it is more christian and where are more stricter christians.
It sounds more impressive than reality, but the idea is good to know.
I’m also christian and for me Christmas is more than just gifts, a christmas tree (een kerstboom) and turkey (kalkoen).
In fact, I’m not going to eat turkey at all, and don’t receive gifts ;)

For me christmas is the celebration of Jesus who came to earth. It is the step to Easter (Pasen). Easter is for me the celebration of Jesus who died and rised again and took all our sins on him, so they are forgiven and we can come to God without standing something in between God and the human.

Christmas is a feast of the light. Jesus who is here on earth.
To be honest, I haven’t been a light myself today.
But I’m not proud of it.
So wish me luck of being a light myself and I hope you understand what I tried to explain with my very excellent English ;).

Also Christmas is for me being together and have a good time.
So I wish you a merry christmas and a very good time!


Some music

This is just some music I love currently.
I hope you like it :)

David Guetta

This song is Just one last time.
I’m into dance now for like 2 weeks. But I also like dominant vocals.
And the video is amazing! Although I first didn’t get it, the commentsection has learned me what the story was.

The Passenger

This song is Let her go.
It is pretty famous in the Netherlands, although he isn’t from here.
When you listen a lot to the radio you will recognize it. It is very peacefull and I don’t know, it is a loved one.

C2C – Happy

This song is Happy.
And Happy it is! It isn’t very mainstream music like you hear always.
I heared it also at the radio.

Swedish house mafia

This is Don’t you worry child.
It is so party-like. But the beginning is more like a sentive song.
I like the fusion from those two.


This song is Crayon.
I haven’t heared it for a while, but when I putted it on for this post I would repeat it again an awefull lot.
This song is a song which I don’t get tired of very fast. And it is K-pop :)

This were the songs were I can think of for this moment.
Do you have a lot of songs you like very much?
Or are you more like me and do you have a couple of songs once in one/two weeks?


Writers block

I think I’m in the middle of a writers blog.
Trying to write a article, but ending with another draft.
I have to be honest, this is the third post I write this day.
But still.
It’s not as easy as normal.
Like I’m doing this for a long time ;)

For so far, it works.
Just writing about not being good at writing.
And my blog goes well.
I have almost no views, but my writing skills in English are maybe a little bit improving.
I hope so!

It’s almost vacation.
Just a couple of tests to go and then I’m a free Daphne :)

For now I stop here.
If you read this, I know it isn’t a very interesting post.
I’m busy with school this week, but like the front of my diary:



The positive site

Is your point of view negative or positive?
Something to think about.
Your point of view is determinative for how you act and reacht.

Easy to say, of course.
But I have to confess that there are moments that I see everything negative.
And I hate those moments! I can get upset about everything.

So by now, I have decided to reduce the amount of time of negativity.

I hope I can do it!
Or more positive: Let’s do it!